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10 things to know when selling online
E‐Commerce » Tips & Facts | 27.05.2015

A one-stop-shop for European e-commerce


The European Commission has launched a new online tool for retailers, helping them navigate cross-border e-commerce in Europe.

‘Selling Online’, which is part of the Commission’s wider aim to stimulate digital entrepreneurship, is a handy list of ‘10 things to know when doing business online’.

The tool, which is available in twenty four languages, provides information about relevant legislation for online merchants, including advice on taxes, data protection, and returns.

Each of the ten questions leads to detailed facts and tips. For example, ‘How can I protect my business idea?’ leads to guidance on using Non-Disclosure Agreements, third party materials, and expanding intellectual property across the EU.

10 questions that retailers should know

  • How can I secure my website?
  • What should I do when setting up a web shop?
  • How do I make sure I comply with personal data protection rules?
  • How do I promote my activities while complying with the law?
  • How to make sure my contract complies with the law and is ‘bullet-proof’?
  • What should I know about online payments?
  • How can I comply with VAT obligations?
  • What should I know about delivery services?
  • What do I need to know about the after-sales process?

Ecommerce Europe has welcomed ‘Selling Online’ and observed that the tool contains ‘all the different rules and regulations entrepreneurs have to be aware of’. The association is also gathering feedback from its members on the effectiveness of the tool.

You can explore ‘Selling Online’ for yourself here.