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Direct Marketing » Trends, Best Practice | 21.09.2016

A fun direct mail campaign with an ecological message


Innovative direct mail campaigns often combine the senses, contrasting unique forms with interesting textures. But the message behind a campaign is equally as important, and can be conveyed in an impactful manner when reinforced by a distinctive creative style. 

One fantastic example is ‘The Mail Helmet’, an award-winning campaign for Mercedes Benz’s Smart® brand. Smart® is known for its cars, but when it wanted to launch a new ‘ebike’ to cyclists in Mexico, the brand needed to stand out from the crowd with a memorable direct mail piece. 

The Mail Helmet was delivered as a flat mailer, appearing like a fairly conventional direct mail at first look. However, it was created from recycled cardboard, instantly supporting Smart’s eco credentials. Once opened, the mail piece could be assembled into a unique bike helmet, promoting Smart’s ebike and its sustainability efforts. 

So why is the piece so memorable? Firstly, The Mail Helmet is truly unique, designed to be completely bespoke for this campaign. Also, it requires real engagement from the recipient, who assembles the helmet rather than simply reading some promotional material. And, of course, it perfectly conveys the campaign’s core message: that Smart® has launched an environmentally friendly bike for its Mexican audience.

The Mail Helmet won a D&AD Award, demonstrating how the campaign captured its audience’s imagination.

Image Credit: BBDO Mexico/Mercedes Benz