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Direct Marketing » Tips & Facts | 03.12.2014

The advantages of direct mail in international direct marketing


Whether at home or at work, if you want to reach customers directly, the best way to do it is with direct mail. Physical mailings can make product promotion more targeted, give fuller product descriptions and lead directly to sales.

With a broad range of design possibilities, you can really get people’s attention. You can respond effectively to cultural differences and use targeted, personal forms of address to get close to your target group. Direct mail has a high acceptance level, which means that potential customers are more likely to pay attention to the offering – even if they don’t (yet) know the sender.

Direct mail is inexpensive in comparison to other marketing activities such as TV spots. Cost and wastage levels are significantly lower. They also provide an excellent opportunity for applying recipient selection criteria, which allows you to test multiple alternatives for your target country. You can evaluate the mailing’s success right away using codes on the reply elements.

Advantages over e-mails

There are fewer e-mail addresses than postal addresses and the address sources are generally poorer. E-mails generally have a shorter lifespan and there is no guarantee that they are displayed correctly. Even if you have correct e-mail addresses, your mails may end up in the spam bin or be deleted immediately. The content of electronic advertising provides only initial appeal; it is not at all suitable for providing detailed information. While campaigns that use only e-mail have limited success, e-mail is a very good method to use in combination with physical mailings in multichannel marketing. They give you an additional, cost-effective way to reach your customers.

Advantages over print ads or supplements in magazines and newspapers

Ads and supplements are often ignored or merely skimmed. It is harder to target them, which means that fewer people read them. Customers feel less personally addressed by advertising that is addressed to everyone than they do by direct one-to-one communication. The space for presenting an offering is also very limited in print ads, which is usually due to high costs.

The advantages of an envelope with a supplement and reply element

A mailing gives the impression of being premium-quality and it sparks the recipient's curiosity. Customers have the opportunity to get comprehensive information and respond immediately if they are interested. Reply elements are also well-suited for dialogue with the customer (enquiries, orders, etc.) and for performance measurement.

By combining elements, you have the opportunity to divide the message among different parts of the mailing. This is also particularly good for enquiries, complex messages, comprehensive information, confidential information, notices of sale, orders and sweepstakes, and for achieving a high response rate.

It has always been the case that customers respond to striking, unusual mailings that stand out because of their unconventional size or design. Mailing packages that include a letter, a flyer and a reply element are ideal for sparking a campaign on a tight schedule.
Traditional mailing will be around for a long time. In combination with other marketing instruments, it provides increased sales in e-commerce, as well as in mail-order business and over-the-counter retailing.

The advantages of postcard mailings

Postcard mailings are eye-catching, cost-effective, and ideal for quickly conveying simple messages. Postcards are perfect to use for advance notices, reminders or information about special deals at retail locations or in web-shops. They  are particularly useful if the communication is networked - for example, if they provide an Internet link or trigger a phone call.

Postcards are an efficient marketing instrument for small budgets, and will always play a role in the dialogue marketing mix because of their expediency and their high attention value.