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Direct Marketing » Trends, Best Practice | 22.07.2014

Cannes Lions reveal diversity in direct marketing


From ambient media to dimensional mailing, the direct marketing category of the Cannes Lions 2014 has shown astonishing diversity and innovation. Many examples of best practice were celebrated during this year’s festival, which awarded a coveted Lion to seventy five direct marketing projects. Here are our favourite entries:


Magic of Flying – British Airways (Grand Prix winner)

Delivered by Ogilvyone, this large scale ambient media project was designed to raise awareness of BA’s offering, while capturing the magical wonder of flying. The agency created billboards that could react to overhead BA planes, telling passers-by to look up and even at which flight they were looking, thanks to a special antenna embedded in the billboards. The campaign increased traffic to BA’s website by at least 75,000 unique visits and had a global reach of over 350 million.


Audi Test Drive Cube – Audi (Silver Lion)

Agency Philipp Und Keuntje helped the car brand launch the new Audi A8 through a unique dimensional mailing campaign. Audi dealers targeted a select group of clients, personally handing over innovative ‘Test Drive Cubes’, which could be activated by the recipient. Activating the cube sent the potential customer’s coordinates to Audi, ensuring that a brand new A8 would be delivered to the customer for their own 24-hour test drive. In the first six weeks of the campaign, every single customer activated the cube and 19% went on to buy an Audi A8 – often the very car that they test drove.


The Barbecue Bible – Tramontina (Bronze Lion)

Tramontina is the leader brand of kitchen supplies in Brazil, and with the help of JWT, it positioned itself as the barbecue expert through a beautifully detailed ‘Bible of BBQ’. The book not only told readers how to create the perfect barbecue, it could show them – each page of the book had a different purpose, such as a flammable leaf to start the fire, a sheet made of salt to season meat, and a knife-sharpening page. Fifty books were produced and given to main clients and barbecue chefs, many of whom actually displayed the book in their restaurants. 32% went on to buy Tramontina’s complete range of barbecue products.


The Direct Lions show that direct marketing is still a vibrant and thriving industry, full of unique ideas that capture their audience’s imagination and, perhaps most crucially, convert this into results.

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