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Direct Marketing » Trends, Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 14.02.2014

Creative direct mailings… compelling as ever


Mailings have never been so popular, a fact once again demonstrated by the direct marketing “Caples Award 2013”. Although popular opinion would have us believe that mailings are passé, in actual fact they have evolved: Internet, e-mails and smartphones are now peers rather than the competition.

Targeted offline-only mailings are also used very successfully in modern direct marketing to communicate tailored messages to a precisely defined target group. It’s true that in this era of social media, each dialogue channel has its own niche, but for wider audiences, mailings still have a major role to play – and their quality is improving. They are ever more courageous and more creative.

This has once again been demonstrated by the response figures and results of the winning mailings at the Caples Awards 2013 (creative award in international direct marketing) in New York. This year saw a total of 580 submissions in 26 categories.

There was no single clear trend towards a specific communication channel this year. Social media is still stealing most of the spotlight. As mentioned above, mailings in general have become more sophisticated, and not just in terms of the underlying ideas. Dimensions are also in flux: messages have frequently been sent in 3D. The most convincing attribute this year was, as always, the most important: real creativity – no matter whether on- or offline.

“You know you’ve seen good work when what you see makes you jealous and wish you’d had the idea first.” Gary Scheiner (President of the Caple committee)

Get inspired
We at Asendia found the following Caples 2013 submissions exceptional…

1. QANTAS by Droga5 Sydney. The agency commissioned famous Australian authors to write books for QANTAS frequent flyers. Each of the ten books was timed to fit into the duration of a specific flight. In total the books generated more than 20 million media impressions.

2. Role of Aluminium by Wunderman. Land Rover issued journalists with aluminium invites to the London premiere of the world’s first SUV with an aluminium body. 73% of those who received the extraordinary invites attended.

3. Pet Food Release by CP Proximity. A readable and edible press release sent to bloggers and other dog- and cat-owning influencers. Designed to deliver information about “Comunimals”, a new online community for animal lovers, the mailing was personally addressed to the recipient’s pet. 36 cats, 71 dogs and various bloggers very much enjoyed the message.

For a full list of 2013 winners click here.

Asendia’s review of the 36th Caples Award
Target groups can be addressed through increasingly focused and more astute multilayer and integrated direct marketing in various channels. Mailings still have a key role to play – be it as an individual medium, as a link to the digital world or as an initial spark for an entire direct marketing campaign.


About the Caples Award


The Caples Award is one of the most renowned and important creative awards in international dialogue marketing, both off- and online, and is a reliable benchmark for global trends. Its more than 25 categories cover all important communication channels in dialogue marketing – starting with mailings, through to mobile apps and social media, right up to integrated campaigns.