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Direct Marketing » Trends, Best Practice | 30.09.2015

Direct mail celebrates the little things in life


A creative direct mail by American Garden promotes its new hot sauce with quirky storytelling and bold design.

The brand launched its new Habanero sauce with the idea that it’s the little things in life that have the biggest impact, conveying the message that the sauce carries a burst of fiery flavour in just a single drop.

American Garden produced ten short books of ‘hot stories’, each telling the true story of a supposed minor occurrence playing a significant part in a well-known event, including how the loss of a single key led to the sinking of the Titanic.

Each colourful book was designed by a different illustrator, with black and white covers representing a consistent visual identity across the collection.

The books and samples of the sauce were mailed to top chefs, food bloggers, restaurants, and food festivals across the UAE, helping American Garden to stand out while also driving trials and orders.

Shortlisted for a Cannes Lion, this ingenious multidimensional mailing demonstrates how impactful the combination of simple design and a clever idea can be, especially when it provides interesting content beyond simply advertising a product.

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