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Direct Marketing » Trends, Tips & Facts, Country Focus | 21.03.2014

Direct marketing is appreciated by young and old


Today’s development of internet and social media may be stressing for many companies striving to reach the consumer with their proposition. Especially when you plan something as antediluvian as a direct mail campaign on real paper. For many having to think about both offline and online at the same time is fragmenting. Or to choose one of these two.

But resent surveys show that you don’t have to invent the wheel again. Direct marketing is still appreciated by both young and older people. This in a time when Google is reaching 4 billion searches per day and the internet consists of more than 700 million homepages.

The future for direct marketing
In the yearly Swedish DM Monitor, covering the development of direct marketing, 35 % prefer direct mail before email or sms. Roughly 85 % of this group reveals that they visit a store or web store because of the direct mail. Also among younger people direct marketing has a strong position. Roughly half of the group in age between 15-29 prefers direct marketing to receive offers and a surprisingly big group saves the mail as often as the older survey groups. Surprisingly the age group 22-24 is most apt to answer or act on addressed direct mail.

“Roughly 85 % of this group reveals that they visit a store or web store because of the direct mail.”

On- and offline in combination
As with all other forms of communications a combination of channels may be most efficient. Both the Swedish DM Monitor and similar surveys in for example Denmark reveal that a combination of direct mail and online-offers is the strongest choice. A majority who wants to respond on the offer will search the net for more information in any case.

Creative campaigns on the net can be both efficient and exciting – and we at Asendia follow the development closely. A mail in the box may not be the same creative experience but it still does its job. It gets read and the consumer feels confident about it. Some things never go out of style!

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About the author

Thomas Sjölin is the CEO of Asendia Nordic AB and Asendia Netherlands B.V. B2C is the main focus for Asendia and Thomas thinks that there are more aspects to delivering excellence within this area than just the physical distribution.