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Local look for addressed mailings

A global reach thanks to local look in direct mailings


Direct marketing is advertising that works. Yet its acceptance varies from country to country: in Belgium non-addressed publicity mailings have a big influence on purchasing behaviour and the consumer, and at the same time the small number of personalised mailings means these are well received and read. In contrast, the proportion of online advertising in Belgium is low, at 6.0%, compared to the Netherlands at 39%, the UK at 34%, Denmark at 27.5% and Germany at 18.6%.

"Consumers in the UK place great emphasis on correctly addressed advertising."

In Austria the significance of online advertising is growing sharply, although print media is still out in front. With 640 mailings per citizen, however, Austria was the European leader in this area in 2013. Amongst others, the Netherlands is one of Europe’s biggest DM markets and most of its population is very positively disposed towards receiving offers by post.
In Germany too, one in six companies sends personalised mailings. These therefore remain the advertising tools offering the greatest value for businesses.



Asendia tips and information on local direct mailings

Download the free factsheets for the main markets containing following topics:


  • Country portrait
    The importance of the various different direct marketing tools by country
  • Tips & tricks
    Different countries, different customs
  • Local details for letter-writing
    Where does the recipient address go and is a salutation really necessary?
  • Addresses
    From the address market, to leading databases and list-broking, right through to current conditions.
  • Data protection
    Data protection provisions for each country and basic principles in B2B and B2C.
  • Checklist
    Which points are crucial for a successful mailing campaign?

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Asendia tips for international direct mailings

There are a number of points to consider when it comes to international direct marketing. Learn more about:

  • the advantages of addressed mailings
  • planning of mailings
  • the different success factors

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