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E‐Commerce » Trends, Country Focus | 06.11.2014

E-commerce is growing non-stop in Spain


E-commerce is growing non-stop in Spain, and the Spanish consumer habits are very similar those of the rest of Europe.


The survey of webloyalty, called “Online Shoppers 2013”, analyses the habits of Spanish online buyers and gives important conclusions about what the users like, dislike and future developments of the sector.

“The main conclusion of this survey is that the Spanish consumer behaves in a very similar way to the other European profiles”

We can see that 67% of those who have purchased a good on the internet during the past six months, are very satisfied with the experience. This rate is significantly higher than the results for Italians, for example. Only 2% described the experience as not satisfactory, mainly because of the delivery costs and schedule.

“Online Shoppers 2013” shows that 88% of Spaniards connect themselves several times a day to the internet and they do it through many gadgets. From PCs to Smartophones and Tablets, Spaniards are described as “highly connected” individuals. This affirmation is substantiated by other surveys, like the one carried out by comScore.

When asked about specific websites, eBay, Amazon and Groupon are the ones where most Spaniards make their purchases. Additionally their computer is the gadget most of them use to shop online. The reason the survey respondents gave for buying in these websites, instead of the traditional way, is the benefits coming from special discounts, something brands should take seriously into account. Music and feminine clothes are the most purchased goods via the internet, which shows once again that women are as “high users” as men are.



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