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E‐Commerce » Trends | 26.10.2016

How retailers can prepare for the festive season?


The festive season is soon upon us, starting with American phenomenon Black Friday on 25th November through to Christmas. With consumers looking for the best bargains around the world, cross-border e-commerce is booming, presenting great opportunities to savvy retailers. 

How can you make sure you provide the best possible customer experience during this peak shopping season?

Secure your supply chain
Do your partners have the resources to cope with extra demand? What preparations are they making for the festive rush? Supply chain success is crucial at any time, but making sure everyone is working towards the same goal will help to deliver a seamless experience to your customers.

Are your customers in the know?
The right marketing is vital to your online retail efforts. Running discount campaigns and special offers can be a great idea during your peak season, but make sure your customers know about these by marketing them in the right way. From social media and emails to catalogues and direct mail, consider how best to let your shoppers know about your tempting offers ‒ and think about when you need to plan and implement your communications. Also, it’s a good idea to communicate to your customers when final orders can be taken in time for key dates, such as Christmas Eve, in order to manage their expectations.

“If your standard delivery time will add more pressure on your team, then extend it temporarily. Most complaints come when a customer doesn’t get what they expect. If they know it will take three days they won’t mind waiting. If you do manage to get orders delivered more quickly, then you’ve exceeded their expectations and they will remember.” - Elliott Mallows, Head of Marketing at Asendia UK

Be mobile-ready
If your website isn’t optimised for mobile viewing, it’s important to look at this, especially as m-commerce continues to rise in popularity (51% of British e-commerce sales are now completed on a mobile device). Not only will a mobile-optimised webshop help your business to look even more professional, it can also aid and simplify your customers’ purchase journey.