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Direct Marketing » Tips & Facts, Whitepapers | 27.11.2014

Planning an International Mailing Campaign


Companies that have success using direct marketing in their home country often try to use the same approaches abroad. However, even in the same language area, it quickly becomes clear how complex a successful campaign can be. For this reason, a detailed market analysis is indispensable - there is a wide range of factors to take into account.

Some fundamental questions about the product or service need to be answered before sending out a mailing.
The Asendia whitepaper highlights the most important steps to follow when planning your next international mailing campaign:


1.    Market

Likewise, unique cultural and country-specific factors cannot be forgotten. For example, differences in purchasing power, buying behaviour, consumption propensity and consumer habits must be observed.

2.    Conceptual design

A company that is treading on new soil should not avoid the necessary effort of designing a detailed concept. The message must be as simple as possible, include legal notices and must not violate accepted moral codes.

3.    Implementation

Besides organising the addresses other factors also need to be considered. For instance, if the envelopes turn out to be too big for automated processing and the address format is not compatible. Well-adapted mailing includes additional incentives that are targeted toward getting a response from the customer.

4.    Test phase

Tests are an indispensable strategy for improving the effectiveness of direct marketing activities.

5.    Response

The goal of every direct marketing campaign is to generate the highest possible response rate. If the response rate turns out to be higher than expected, one must ensure that there are sufficient reserves and resources to supply all of the customers expediently.

6.    Performance measurement

No other advertising medium is better suited to performance measurement than direct marketing.



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