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E‐Commerce » Case Study | 27.02.2014

Bags packed and ready to go, Seizpacks’ online business


Marco Seiz: founder, Seizpacks (Madrid, Spain)

E-commerce is the perfect platform for boutique backpack brand Seizpacks. The business, based in Madrid, was keen to offer a product that better reflected the way people want to secure and carry their belongings.

Customisable backpack business

For co-founder Marco Seiz, the most important aspect of the bags is that they are customisable. This customisation means sales are best suited to online, where the necessary customer choices can be selected. “It’s difficult to do that in shops, unless you’re a really big brand,” he says.


Growing yes - but how?

The company weighed up the benefits of taking the products into more stores. “We’re in a few designer stores, but pushing for more would mean changing our business model,” Marco explains. “We decided against that and kept it at a boutique level.”

When it comes to looking at ways to grow the business and to improve and develop new products, customers can give the owners valuable feedback via the website. Being online also helps the brand reach customers overseas, particularly in France and Germany. This helps protect the company from seasonal sales slumps, as customers in southern Europe don’t like using backpacks in the summer when it’s hot.

“It had to be reliable, it had to be easy – we wanted to keep our overheads low and we wanted normal shipping, rather than express, to be the default option to keep costs down.”

The logistics involved in getting what is essentially a bulky product to customers was challenging.

Asendia was happy to accept orders via an automated system – international delivery information and labels are printed from Seizpack‘s website back-end, Asendia gets sent an Excel file with the details and then collects the parcels. 

Seizpacks also offers express delivery through Asendia. Marco adds it was important that the company didn’t have to work with two suppliers for that service. The virtue of customisation also means there are fewer returns to manage.



Sector: Retail
Location of company: Spain