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Direct Marketing » Trends, Tips & Facts, Best Practice | 02.07.2014

The myths and realities of direct mail


Who hasn't heard direct mail being called “outmoded”, “no longer relevant” or “too expensive”? They are common criticisms levelled at the medium, but they don't necessarily reflect the reality – especially when marketers apply the latest best practice.


Direct Marketing News' 2014 Essential Guide to Direct Mail Marketing encourages marketers to “think personalized, distinctive and persuasive”.

It also asked 11 experts to share their views on the myths and realities of direct mail, and they unanimously cited the better return on investment that direct mail gets over email. Several also commented on the ability to add technology (from personal URLs – or pURLs – to QR codes) and combine physical mail with email to create an effective strategy.

Stephanie Miller, VP, member relations and chief listening officer at the Direct Marketing Association, said: “Direct mail is the mother of all data-driven marketing. All the great things we do in digital to segment, target, customize, time, and measure our media, messaging, and more, we learned from our direct mail experience.”

The Guide also highlights that direct mail spending is on the increase in the US – it's predicted to rise 1.1% to $44.5bn in 2014, according to the Winterberry Group. And that says plenty about the continued power of the medium. 

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