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Western Europe: great e-commerce opportunities for ambitious businesses
E‐Commerce » Trends, Tips & Facts | 14.10.2015

Western Europe: great e-commerce opportunities for ambitious businesses


Western Europe is one of the most established e-commerce markets in the world, offering a brilliant variety of opportunities for online businesses which are expanding across borders.

The region’s logistics infrastructure is incredibly well-developed, its consumers are early adopters of technology, and many of its languages, such as English and French, are spoken in a wide range of international markets.

Asendia is proud to power Ecommerce Europe’s new Western Europe B2C E-commerce Report 2015, published in cooperation with the Ecommerce Foundation. Full of insights and statistics, the report reveals some of the key facts and trends any retailer needs to know when operating in Western Europe, which now has a B2C e-commerce turnover of almost €210bn. The report looks at six countries: Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

The UK continues to reign supreme with an online B2C turnover of €127bn, while an incredible 92% of the Dutch population shop online. France has a high eGDP share and its neighbour, Belgium, is perfectly placed between three large markets. In addition, over 75% of Ireland’s population is under 55 (a potentially ideal audience for an online retailer), while e-commerce growth is still strong in Luxembourg.

The report also examines spending per product category, Europe as a whole, and the impact of e-commerce on the economy.


The Western Europe B2C E-commerce Report is an ideal starting point to getting to know this market; download the free light report and infographic, or order the full report here.