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E-Commerce pushes ahead

March 01, 2013

In Europe and the US, five to ten per cent of all retail trade is already transacted online - and the number is growing.
Mobile commerce is also growing; in other words, buying via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Today this channel is generating around 10% of e-commerce sales.

There's scarcely an industry that hasn't been dramatically and sustainably changed by e-commerce. While it started with books and music, electronics were soon to follow. Currently, it's mostly fashion and sports items that are under pressure. And soon the furniture trade will likely be reorganised since the corresponding logistics can be solved today. Even the automotive market could be cracked in the next two to three years.

In the logistics area, fast delivery is just one of several areas that are being driven strongly forward. Immediate availability of the item is to offset one of the last disadvantages of e-commerce compared to stationary retail trade.

Another central theme is payment transactions. New payment concepts will simplify paying in e-commerce. This includes for instance paying with your mobile phone or eWallets with known and trustworthy platforms such as Paypal. This electronic purse is being "filled" simply, securely and individually via credit card, transfer or direct debit.

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