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Press&Publishing » Case Study | 15.03.2014

Belgian Beer & Food Magazine: How Asendia boosted a business idea


Going into Press & Publishing in 2013 isn’t an easy choice and with declining editions worldwide it needs real dedication and passion to start a new venture. Paul Walsh, displays these very qualities with a strong interest in publishing and Belgian beer. And so his was the idea to start the  ‘Belgian Beer & Food Magazine’, the first subscription-based English language magazine promoting Belgian Beer and Food to an international audience.

“We were convinced that the content would be excellent but a magazine lives from advertising. Belgian beer producers were willing to advertise but in order to keep their long term funding we had to prove that there was a genuine interest and that their investment was worthwhile. This was never meant to be a one-off. Reaching the right international target group was essential”, says Paul Walsh, editor-in-chief of the magazine,” and the challenge was: how do we reach them.”

“Reaching the right international target group was essential and the challenge was: how do we reach them.”

6000 copies are sent to the 123 Belgian Bars and Craft Beer Bars around the world. Another 6000 are distributed at Beer festivals worldwide and at bars and hotels in Belgium. The Press & Publishing services from Asendia kick into gear to handle the distribution value chain from fulfillment to delivery as well as the subscriptions and delivery of the magazine to the readers.


How to get magazine into the hands of potential subscribers

Ellen Kop, Asendia Key Account Manager for Press & Publishing explains: “During our discussions to set up the distribution channel we talked about other possibilities to get the magazine into the hands of potential subscribers. We always want the best support for our clients and thinking out-of-the-box can be a valuable part of that. When further analyzing the target groups – such as international travelers or epicureans – and after some serious brain-storming, we came up with a concept to use trains and planes”.

The possibility of distributing ”Belgian Beer and Food Magazine” on inbound flights to Brussels and the London-Brussels high speed trains has been investigated. Brussels Airlines and Eurostar were interested and Asendia  brokered the deals.

This new and innovative channel increased the print-run by 10.000 and brought even more opportunities into view.

Thanks to market knowledge the second issue becomes reality

The results are encouraging. The magazine was published in September and feedback for this first edition is very positive with sales now topping the 500 mark. Advertisers are happy with the results and have renewed their commitment. The second issue is a fact. And the feedback from Brussels Airlines and Eurostar? After each trip all the issues are gone!

Paul Walsh concludes: “Of course we knew that Asendia would be our partner of choice for the classic distribution of the magazine. That is after all their core strength. However, where they really came out on top is in the way they think, together with their clients, about new ways to reach and exceed our goals. That can only be the result of extensive market knowledge. So I can safely say that Asendia quite literally boosted our distribution and sales”.


Sector: Publishing
Location of company: Belgium