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Direct Marketing » Case Study | 16.05.2014

How direct mailings help the leading first aid charity in the UK


St John Ambulance volunteers are a common sight at public events in the UK and they are on hand to deliver first aid to the 90,000 attendees who get injured or feel unwell each year. Away from the sports track and country fairs, the charity is also committed to increasing basic first aid awareness. And last year alone, it trained 800,000 adults and schoolchildren to make the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

In fact, St John Ambulance runs 20,000 training courses at more than 240 venues across the country – more than any other first aid training provider – to make it as easy as possible for those that want it, to get the training they need, without having to go far.

Trainings are promoted through nine
direct mail campaigns a month.

The courses are all listed in a National Training Brochure, which can be downloaded online, but it is also mailed to 93,000 people, along with a Regional Course Schedule that is sent to 70,000 people twice a year. They are also promoted through nine direct mail campaigns a month.

Direct mailings & brochures to inform volunteers and trainers across the country

Since 2008, St John Ambulance has been working with Asendia for its mailings – first to fulfil its direct mail campaigns, then to send out other material. Now Asendia prints, polywraps and dispatches the training brochures and schedules from its 110,000 sq ft fulfilment and mailing centre in Bedford. It also prints, encloses and mails 2,000 certificates a day and 4,000 reminders weekly to trainees, as well as managing stock and returns.

“Asendia has helped to streamline and improve our communications services and has demonstrated significant cost benefits to our bottom line.”


Reducing cost and waste materials of mailings

The direct mail pieces are digitally printed in full colour, enclosed with a Business Reply Envelope and mailed to thousands of homes. To take care of fulfilment, Asendia introduced St John Ambulance to its hybrid mailing company Maileva, which saved £500 on the cost of a traditional mailing and messages are delivered within 24 hours of being processed.
Asendia's data cleansing and enhancement services have also helped the charity to reduce its wasted materials, fulfilment and postage, while its downstream access service initiated savings on postage for all the mail.

“Asendia has helped to streamline and improve our communications services and has demonstrated significant cost benefits to our bottom line,” says Jude Pearson, campaign marketing manager at St John Ambulance. “Just as important as the process and cost benefits of working with Asendia is the relationship we enjoy with them. Asendia makes a real effort to understand our business and the management of our account and the flexibility of the services they provide has remained consistently outstanding.”



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