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E‐Commerce » Case Study | 01.03.2014

Paul’s Boutique – customer orientation along the supply chain

Designer accessories brand

Now in its 14th year, Paul’s Boutique has experienced huge growth both in the UK, and more recently, internationally. From relatively humble beginnings as a quirky, urban fashion brand, it is now widely recognised as an accessible designer accessories brand, producing fashion-forward handbags.

Important in the brand’s continuing success has been giving customers instant access to the latest collection, and this requires a great e-commerce website. Paul’s Boutique launched its website in 2010 and anticipated 20 sales per day. Within a week of launch, however, it was selling approximately 1,000 units per day, with sales doubling week on week.


The importance of the shopping experience

Amber Dearlove, Website Co-ordinator at Paul’s Boutique Head Office, realises the importance of having an enjoyable shopping experience with the brand: “It’s vital that our customers feel connected to us throughout the purchasing process. From the easy-to-use website… all the way through to receiving the correct product, on time, and packaged beautifully; consumers are only going to come back if they remember good things about us!”

Daniel Morris CEO explains:

  • Critical to that customer experience is having smooth end-to-end supply chain that includes simple to use reverse logistics for returns.
  • It’s important that we get the after-sales service right if we are to keep our customers. Asendia helps us to fulfil our customers’ orders quickly and accurately.
  • Our systems are integrated with Asendia so that we can consistently monitor orders and stock levels to improve our supply chain.

Social Media has also had a massive impact on the website.

“If you’re serious about e-commerce you cannot afford to ignore social media.”

…says Lizzie Newell (Social Media Manager at Paul’s Boutique). “It’s about the voice of the brand, a reliable friendly tone to speak directly to our customers and ensure their needs are met, questions are answered, and interests are both captured and explored.”


Reliable distribution with competitive international postage rates

But the focus is not all on technology – the company is keen to get competitive international postage rates that can be passed on to the customer. Amber explains: “Asendia has been great in striving to get new routes to postage at better rates for us and always endeavours to bring us up to date on any postal developments so we are constantly kept in the loop.”

We can concentrate on growing our online sales knowing that Asendia is taking good care of our distribution and has the ability to increase capacity as we need it.”



Sector: Retail
Location of company: UK