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Easy Direct Mail

Making international direct mail simpler

If you wish to deliver small to medium size international direct mail campaigns then Easy Direct Mail offers a simple and easy to use service where preparation and sorting requirements are simple.

The service is designed to provide you with the support and cost savings you require to efficiently acquire and retain customers on a global scale.

Through detailed processes and advice we provide a complete solution to your international direct marketing needs and, with advantageous rates to many global destinations and stable pricing throughout the year, you will be assured of reliable distribution and delivery of your important direct marketing messages.

Answering the challenges of international direct mail

Delivering international direct marketing campaigns can be a daunting and challenging task. Local and international knowledge is essential to delivering your mailing efficiently, reliably and safely. Though our cross-border knowledge and expertise we can support your direct marketing needs and overcome potential barriers to success.


Making it simple with Easy Direct Mail:

  • Expert advice to simplify your international direct marketing
  • Simple processes that make international direct mail campaigns easier
  • Fast to implement with minimal preparation required
  • Reliable distribution and simultaneous despatch to multiple countries
  • A truly global solution with advantageous rates to many destinations
  • Variety of delivery options – cost v's speed
  • Low minimum quantity making it accessible to most businesses

For a more detailed look at Easy Direct Mail and how it can answer your needs please see below:



Easy Direct Mail at a glance

Delivery speed Priority
Limitations Weight: 2kg max
Size Small to medium shipments
Preparation Minimal customer preparation required:
  • Sort items by country, zone, format or delivery option
  • Print PPI on all items
However, this preparation can also be carried out on your behalf by Asendia at an additional cost
Undeliverable items There is a choice of options available for undeliverable items:
  • Physical return
  • Digital scan of item and Physical return
  • Destruction
  • Digital scan of item and Destruction
Options Priority Mail
Fast delivery option for time sensitive marketing materials

Suitable and cost effective for non-time-sensitive shipments
  • only in combination with "Economy" service and to specific destinations
  • Reduction of CO2 emission