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Newsstand Press

Putting your publications on newsstands around the world

As one of the few full-service partners in the world we can handle all aspects of your international newsstand distribution needs - delivering your publications all year round or seasonally. From printing your publications to delivering them to your readers we provide services throughout the process chain. Whether you reach your readers over newsstands, bookshops or other points-of-sale, we provide you with the advice you need to minimise your costs, increase efficiency and improve the visibility of your publications.

Overcoming the challenges of international newsstand distribution

Getting your publications to the right newsstands on an international basis can be a time-consuming and challenging process. We make this easier for you, taking away the hassle of expanding into new markets and supporting you to help grow your readership and circulation on an international basis.


The benefits:

  • Gain visibility and readers through increased international presence on newsstands
  • Reduce costs through optimisation of transport and simplified export procedures
  • Gain more advertisers through increased circulation across borders
  • Save time and improve transparency through single point of contact and one overall invoice
  • Increase loyalty of your core readers by presence wherever they travel and convert occasional readers to subscribers


For a more detailed look at Newsstand Press and how it can help you to reach new readers worldwide see below:



Newssand Press at a glance

Delivery speed Overnight transport for daily newspapers
Regular transport for less urgent publications
Content All types of periodical publications with a cover price (newspapers, magazines, crossword puzzles, etc.)
Frequency At least once a year
Format All formats
Weight All weights
Volume Minimum 100 copies (dependent upon the country of distribution)
Options Proof of Delivery
Ideal where delivery confirmation is required – For pallet transports from printer to distributer

Customer Service (Complaint handling)
Suitable for delivering additional copies on demand to newsstands