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Direct Marketing Solutions

International Direct Marketing SolutionsEnsuring the best return on your marketing investment is essential for business success, whether globally or locally. As a part of this strategy it is essential that your direct marketing pieces are delivered timely and to the correct individuals.  Whether you are developing international customer acquisition, customer retention or customer loyalty campaigns we can help you to optimise your delivery strategies.

Working in partnership with direct marketing professionals and mailing houses we help to ensure the successful delivery and distribution of your marketing materials; developing international strategies that add value and have a marked impact upon your business.

Lower cost by reducing waste and optimising delivery

Optimising delivery and reducing costs and wastage is a key driver for Asendia, working with you to provide efficient and effective solutions that you can trust to improve response versus cost ratios and ensure reliable delivery. We consider every aspect of the distribution of your mailing items, developing optimum media and size solutions and despatch points to improve cost effectiveness across borders.

Getting your direct marketing into the right hands

Through our expert knowledge we make it easy for our customers, offering you advice and support to help your direct marketing campaigns get to the right existing and potential customers. With many years of international direct marketing experience the Asendia team is able to work in partnership with you to find the right mailing strategy for your business and reduce both costs and wastage. 

We consider media, size, mailing origination, cross border issues and other international direct mail matters to help you to reach the highest return on your investment and to reduce your cost per response, order or contact.

Alongside efficient cross-border and international mailing strategies we also provide a range of additional services to support your direct marketing efforts including data management, printing and fulfilment.

Why support from Asendia will improve your ROI:

  • International experience that delivers results
  • Reliable dispatch and delivery and mailing of marketing materials
  • Expert advice on the right delivery strategy for your campaign
  • Cost efficient bulk mailing
  • Returns management to improve data
  • Range of additional support services, including data management and fulfilment

Get the most out of your direct marketing campaign by contacting Asendia.

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