Asendia in partnership with the Woodland Trust

01 June, 2016

Bern, Swizterland

Asendia is sending a huge message to the environment – by mitigating its carbon through planting trees.

Asendia UK has planted enough trees to fill 17 football pitches in the UK since signing up to our Woodland Carbon initiative to reduce its carbon emissions.

Woodland Carbon allows businesses to mitigate harmful carbon by planting trees in several of our UK woodlands.

Since 2014 it has mitigated 5,500 tonnes of CO2 – equivalent to taking a return flight from London to Hong Kong 1618 times!

Head of Marketing at Asendia UK, Elliott Mallows said: “As a forward thinking, modern company Asendia UK recognises that it must do all it can to neutralise any impact it has on the environment!

“We’re very proud to be part of the Woodland Trust project to reduce our carbon footprint, not only to help protect our environment but also to create and preserve woodland areas across the UK.”

As Asendia UK enters its third year with the project, it wants to encourage other companies to join with the Woodland Trust to reduce the impact of their own carbon emissions.

He said: “Every company, big or small, has responsibility to our planet’s future” adds Elliott: “Whether you’re a leading mail delivery solution provider like Asendia UK, or a small local business, the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon scheme gives you a chance to create a cleaner environment for future generations.”

Over the course of its life, one tree can soak up one tonne of CO2. One tree can also soak up as much carbon as a car produces while driving 26,000 miles.

The facts:

  • Asendia UK was created when La Poste UK, Swiss Post, BTB Mailflight and Pitney Bowes IMS UK came together in 2012.
  • The business currently has an £80 million turnover and employees 350 people in the UK.
  • The business has created woodland the size of 17 football pitches through mitigating its carbon through our Woodland Carbon scheme.

About Asendia

Asendia is one of the world’s leading companies for the distribution of international mail and parcels to over 200 destinations. The joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post is present in Europe, Asia and in the USA with over 1,000 employees, 25 offices in 15 different countries, and a large network of partners. Asendia’s headquarters are located in Paris and Berne.

Asendia is shareholder of eShopWorld, based in Ireland. eShopWorld provides e-commerce enabling solutions for online retailers to quickly and simply access global shoppers with a positive international shopping experience. Through this relationship Asendia can offer its customers a suite of technology solutions and services covering the entire e-commerce value chain from checkout to product returns.

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