Discover the power of direct mail with Asendia

03 April, 2019

With the rapid rise of the internet and technology, digital marketing methods such as eshots, online advertising and social media look set to overtake traditional marketing methods - or is it?

Despite the influence of digital communications, more and more companies are using direct mail as a way to reach customers around the world, promoting products and raising the profile of their brand.

Our latest guide explores emerging marketing opportunities and trends around direct mail, offering 10 top tips to ensure your next DM campaign is a success, from initial design and messaging to integrating your DM piece into a multichannel marketing strategy and cost-effective distribution.

The ebook also examines the impact of GDPR on direct mail campaigns and shows that the new legislation offers surprising new opportunities for marketers – especially when it comes to reaching the younger generation.

International direct mail shouldn’t be overlooked; it’s a valuable tool for communicating with both existing and potential customers and can significantly impact your company’s reach and, ultimately, profits.