Growing International Ecommerce

What is the best way to expand your brand's global presence?

What do customers want out of their shopping experience?

ESW surveyed more than 18,000 shoppers from 18 countries to find out.

GV_ESW_hot markets report

Expanding your brand’s global
presence is the best way to grow
new business and long-term revenue. Advancing technology and increased internet penetration is opening more of the world to more brands.

But choosing the right expansion
markets is complicated. You must
navigate diverse cultures and consumer expectations. To truly be successful, you must localise the customer experience.

In this report, we will look at what
customers from four of the fastest
growing ecommerce markets expect and how you can launch a successful and sustainable presence in each one.

What does this free report include?

Bullet PointHow much shoppers plan to spend on online purchases

Bullet PointWhat shoppers consider when buying cross-border
Bullet Point What shoppers are motivated by when shopping brands
Bullet PointWhat opportunities brands have in global markets
Bullet Point How Asendia can enable global growth for brands

“Shoppers think highly of brands but prioritise price and discounts when they shop online."


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