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Our Sustainability Action Plan

Discover how Asendia is taking action to continuously be more sustainable to protect our planet.





Our founding companies La Poste and Swiss Post were ahead of their time with sustainable initiatives and carbon offsetting.

La Poste was the first delivery operator in the world to reach carbon neutrality by 2012 for mail, parcel, express and digital services.


Asendia has an ambitious sustainability strategy and is already 100% carbon neutral through offsetting.


Barbara Schielke

A message from Barbara Schielke, Chief HR & CSR Officer at Asendia

"Our world is becoming more connected than ever, and international delivery is a big part of this connection. With developing technology, a growing population and higher expectations from consumers, we can only expect that this connection will continue to grow alongside a steady demand.

As one of the largest global logistics providers, at Asendia we know that protecting our planet comes first.

In January 2022, we took a big step forward by offsetting 100% of all carbon emissions. 95% of our total emissions are caused by our delivery partners, so we offset those emissions too. We are now focused on our next sustainability steps which include entering the SBTi process by the end of 2024." 


Our Sustainability Journey


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Asendia offsets 100% of emissions caused by our international transport within Europe and from Europe to other continents.
This excludes first-mile and last-mile delivery by our partners.


Asendia offsets 100% of emissions caused by our international transport worldwide. 
This excludes first-mile and last-mile delivery by our partners.


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offsetting all emissions caused by our international transport worldwide,
including those by our partners.
We also offset emissions from parcel returns, our buildings, machinery and business travel. 

What's next?

Asendia aims to have concrete and measurable targets. We have committed to submit Science-Based-Targets (SBTi) by the end of 2024.
We are also looking at additional solutions and reporting that support our customers with their sustainability goals.


What does offsetting carbon emissions mean? 

When we refer to carbon emissions, we are talking about CO2. CO2 is released into the atmosphere in a variety of different ways. For Asendia, emissions predominantly come from the aeroplanes and transport vehicles used in our international deliveries and returns. A very low percentage of emissions come from our buildings, machinery and essential business travel.

To offset 100% of all the above emissions, we invest in projects which promote renewable energy and support local communities. The amount we offset is equal to the emissions produced.

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What emissions does Asendia offset?

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As of 2022, Asendia ensures that all emissions related to the provided services are offset, either by Asendia directly or by our founding companies La Poste/DPD or Swiss Post.

The scope covers all international transport emissions, including the last mile delivery by local partners for national and domestic deliveries. We also offset parcel returns, our building emissions, machinery, and necessary business travel.



Our Carbon Offsetting Projects

In 2023, Asendia offset carbon emissions on international transport.
In total we offset


tCO2e towards a certified wind farm in China

Sustainability at Asendia WInd


Asendia's 2024 carbon offsetting project

Our 2024 offset emissions will continue to support the wind project in China.

Supporting wind power carbon offset projects:
- Stimulates economic and social development in communities
- Helps conserve natural resources including land and forests
- Helps overcome the initial costs of setting up a wind farm
- Promotes renewable energies  

This project has been provided and certified by our partner EcoAct.

Gaolin Wind Project

China is the world's largest producer and consumer of coal. Since 1990, carbon emissions have increased by 343% and despite air pollution and the respiratory illnesses, coal still covers nearly 70% of China's energy needs.

This project, located in Yunnan province and Liaoning province, promotes the use and development of renewable energy. It covers the construction of 88 wind turbines with capacity of 1500kW each, for a total of 148,5 MW installed.

Gaolin Wind Project Eco

The Gaolin Wind Project also covers multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals, which were established by United Nations as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure all people enjoy peace and prosperity. This project is aligned to the following SDG goals:

Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. Sustainable energy will be produced in the area avoiding coal production. 99 turbines are built with an individual capacity of 1500Kw.

Goal 8: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. Local and stable jobs will be created for the construction and maintenance of the site.

Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. This project will diversify the region's energy mix and reduce associated carbon emissions by 1,697,388 teq CO2.


Downloadable Materials

Click the below to find out even more about how Asendia offsets emissions.

Calculating our carbon emissions PDF

An example of emission factors PDF

Our 2023 certificate certified by ecoact




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