An International Expansion Guide for Consumer Electronics Brands

What are the opportunities for long-term success in global expansion for consumer electronics brands?

How important are localisation and logistics in global consumer electronics E-commerce expansion?

ESW surveyed more than 16,000 shoppers from 16 countries to find out.

ESW_Asendia_International Expansion Guide for Consumer Electronics Brands

To meet new and emerging consumer demands. Consumer electronics brands have had to pivot significantly in the last three years, including to ecommerce. When lockdown orders sent workers home, consumers invested heavily in outfitting their homes and offices. In addition to purchasing equipment for work, shoppers pivoted to comforts like enhanced entertainment systems and smart home technology, often with subscription content or services built in.

This report aims to give brands the insight they need to make data-driven expansion decisions that grow business.

What does this free report include?

Bullet PointHow much consumer electronics shoppers plan to spend on online purchases

Bullet PointHow young shoppers are more likely to buy consumer electronics products
Bullet Point What customers are motivated by when shopping consumer electronics brands
Bullet PointWhat opportunities consumer electronics brands have in global markets
Bullet Point How ESW and Asendia can enable global growth for consumer electronics brands

“Consumer electronics shoppers will browse global sites, but when it comes to actually completing a purchase, their standards are high."



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