Sustainable Global Growth for Fashion

What does it mean for an apparel brand to be sustainable?

What actions can brands take to meet customer demands and be environmentally responsible?

ESW surveyed more than 16,000 shoppers from 16 countries to find out.

Fashion Shopper GV Sustainability

The apparel industry continues to be under scrutiny for its often questionable sustainability record. And while the rise of fast fashion indicates that many consumers consider apparel to be a commodity, there is a backlash brewing. From the booming second-hand market to shoppers digging deeper to buy longer-lasting, quality products, there is a growing call for brands to commit to transparent, honest sustainability practices.

The following report is meant to serve as a valuable source of consumer insight that helps you make data-driven decisions that are good for the bottom line and the planet. 


What does this free report include?

Bullet PointHow apparel's best customers are demanding sustainability

Bullet PointHow markets with young populations are ranked highest for valuing sustainability
Bullet PointHow apparel brands can meet sustainability expectations
Bullet PointHow shoppers will rewards apparel brands that are sustainable
Bullet PointHow can ESW and Asendia support global growth

“65% of shoppers have significantly changed their shopping behaviour to lessen their environmental impact."



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