What’s the carbon measurement of an e-commerce parcel?

08 November, 2022

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As the focus on sustainability in the shipping industry grows, it’s increasingly important for e-commerce retailers to utilise scientifically sound metrics when calculating and reporting their emissions.

Transparency is key; retailers need to be very clear about their data sources and how they collect the figures, ensuring that the reporting is authentic.

Stakeholders and customers now demand that parcel and courier companies make this data available. Thus, it's crucial that retailers act proactively and develop tools to calculate and report these numbers to meet expectations.

Providing sustainable delivery choices

There’s significant proof that providing shoppers with data about the environmental implications of their deliveries helps them choose low-impact shipping options.

Offering consumers information on the carbon effect of different shipping options allows them to make delivery choices that they feel good about; in turn, they feel positive about the company providing these choices, enhancing brand loyalty.

The future of sustainable shipping

A recent survey reported that 55% of shoppers polled would sacrifice the speed of an international delivery for a reduced carbon alternative.

Thus, carbon labelling would allow e-commerce retailers to improve their brand image by giving customers responsible shipping choices while minimising environmental impact and meeting sustainability goals.

This whole journey begins with data transparency and understanding the highly complex carbon calculation of parcels, which is easier said than done.

For more on parcel carbon calculation and what e-commerce retailers can do to provide customers with transparent, accurate emissions data, read the article by Simon Batt, CEO of Asendia UK, in DeliveryX.



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