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e-commerce delivery solutions to Switzerland

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Countries: over 40
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Max weight: 30kg
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Delivery aim: 2-5 days regional, 4-9 days intercontinental
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Tracking: End-to-end

Why should retailers focus on Switzerland?

Switzerland is a unique market; its high spending power and central location in Europe means Swiss consumers are well-connected for cross-border shopping. 

Swiss consumers are looking online for great deals cross-border in vast numbers, making it a prime target market.

See what our customers say about Destination Switzerland

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“Switzerland may appear to be a tricky destination to send parcels to, and within e-commerce, we are constantly looking for simple and smooth solutions. This is where Asendia helps us. They know the Swiss market and its consumers and they offer us bespoke end solutions for this demanding market.”

International Hat Retail

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"Asendia are different to many other businesses we have worked with before. They took the time to explain all of the options to us and were able to educate our team. It wasn't just the information sharing that impressed us but also Asendia's transparency and honesty."

Urban Outfitters
International Fashion Retailer

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“Asendia adds the local e-commerce expertise, which is so important since all markets are local. By knowing the different market needs, they contribute to the total delivery experience of NA-KD's customers and our growth figures for the Asendia destinations speak for themselves.”

International Fashion Retailer

How can Asendia support your business?

We are experts in Swiss e-commerce.

Swiss e-commerce expertise is a part of Asendia’s heritage. That’s why we’re the number one choice for e-commerce parcel delivery and mail services to Switzerland. We can offer your business the below benefits and more...


Cost-effective and efficient daily collections from facilities in 17 countries
Parcels are pre-sorted to provide cost-efficient transportation at speed
Customs clearance
Avoid lengthy queues at the border with Asendia’s automated clearance services
Delivering Orders
Last mile delivery
Parcels are delivered within 48 hours of arriving at our entry points
2,500 collection points
Give customers control through Swiss Post’s unmatched network of collection points
Returns management
Our 3,903 drop-off points across Switzerland make returns simple

How do Asendia and Swiss Post work together?

Working with Swiss Post, our parent company and preferred delivery provider, enables us to offer Switzerland’s most popular services, like DPP, through a trusted, recognised delivery partner.

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Faster delivery
Swiss Post’s unrivalled infrastructure facilitates quick delivery, so your customers can be certain their goods always arrive on time.
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Simplified customs
We automate forwarding customs clearing data to the authorities to make customs duties and VAT processing easy
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Optimised delivery and returns
Shipments are delivered to customers’ homes or a convenient collection point, while flexible returns solutions work around your business
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Decrease costs and boost agility
Cost-effective delivery. Constant tracking enables us to react quickly and solve emerging delays or delivery issues.


Below is an example of how the parcel journey works from Europe, Asia, USA or Oceania to Switzerland. 


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Our Solutions

Asendia offers a range of best in class delivery and return solutions to Switzerland.
From tracked to untracked, postal to commercial, customs clearance, export clearance and returns duty-drawback, Asendia's Thomas Haumüller explains more about our solutions for Switzerland in this video.



Choose the right solution for you

e-PAQ is our leading range of parcel services that are helping international e-tailers succeed in Switzerland. 



  • Deliveries for packages weighing up to 2kg
  • Basic milestone tracking
  • Packages collected, processed and exported by Asendia
  • Last-mile delivery and customs clearance is handled by Swiss Post
  • Deliveries for packages weighing up to 2kg
  • Basic milestone tracking
  • Packages collected, processed and exported by Asendia
  • Last-mile delivery and customs clearance is handled by Swiss Post
  • Frequent, accurate tracking updates
  • Deliveries for packages weighing up to 30kg
  • Tracked and faster delivery service
  • Last-mile delivery is handled by Swiss Post’s Mailbox Plus service for maximum efficiency
  • Deliveries for packages weighing up to 30kg
  • Our fastest and most comprehensive service
  • Last-mile delivery is handled by Swiss Post’s Post Logistics division, which specialises in express and heavier weight shipments

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Our Experts answer your frequently asked questions about Switzerland

How can retailers overcome Swiss customs hurdles?
What solutions does Asendia offer to Switzerland?
Are there different payment types for Swiss shoppers?
How do Asendia and Swiss Post work together?

Frequently asked questions

All parcels enter Switzerland our customs cleared them before they get processed for delivery depending on your traffic and profile.

We offer 3 solutions for customs clearance depending on your need.

Postal clearance is especially suitable for lower-value parcels. Each parcel will be customs cleared under the name of the shopper so no additional fee will be charged to you as the seller or your client. For everything over 62.6 CHF, all duties, VTA, and charges will be charged directly to the shopper.

The second one is commercial bulk clearance. Your parcels will all be customs cleared at once and all duties and VTA will be charged to you. This solution saves you the costs for higher quantities of high-value items and your customer happy as they will not have any extra cost.

The last one is commercial single clearance. Switzerland charges duty on weight and due to a duty-free limit of five Swiss francs lower weights can be imported free of duty. For this reason, your parcels will be cleared individually even if clearance costs are higher. Saving made on duties will mean that your overall costs are lower.

We take care of returns without comprehensive returns management service, including all related services around customs to get the products back to your warehouse. We guide you through Swiss customs regulations so can deliver with ease.


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