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Let Asendia help you to choose the right IOSS intermediary

As of 1 July 2021, the EU is implementing a new online portal, the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS), through which e-commerce retailers can declare and pay VAT for distance sales of imported goods valued at €150 or less.



Can Asendia recommend an IOSS intermediary?

We’re happy to provide recommendations for IOSS Intermediaries that suit your business needs. Simply fill out our quick questionnaire and an Asendia representative will be in touch to discuss how we can support you with IOSS.


Understanding IOSS and Intermediaries

For some retailers, the simplest way to manage VAT through the new IOSS portal may be to use an intermediary. This is a taxable person, law firm or authorised economic operator established in an EU member state who will represent your business and share responsibility for VAT administration for trading within the EU.


What does an IOSS intermediary do?

The Intermediary shares your responsibility for submissions of returns and VAT payments. They can:

Yellow Arrow Register with the tax office for you
Yellow Arrow Request the delivery of a unique VAT IOSS identification number for you.
Yellow Arrow Handle IOSS reporting and keep records
Yellow Arrow Support you with VAT declaration and payment


Is IOSS registration mandatory?

No. It is optional but when a company is IOSS registered it must comply with IOSS rules. IOSS will enable non-EU sellers to register in just one EU Member State to centralize their VAT declaration and payments for all EU-bound shipments.

For businesses outside of the EU, it is advisable to register under IOSS and appointing an EU-established IOSS intermediary to fulfil their VAT obligations under the IOSS scheme, unless the seller’s country has signed the VAT mutual assistance agreement with the EU (only Norway at the time of writing). UK based customers might consider waiting to appoint an IOSS intermediary as some discussions are underway between the EU and the UK regarding possibly signing up to the VAT mutual assistance agreement.


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Transmission of data to third party (IOSS intermediary)

Asendia shall facilitate the first contact between the customer and an intermediary. However, Asendia is not responsible for their future relationship, the process and conditions set up by the IOSS intermediary for on-boarding a customer, the decision of the customer to appoint the intermediary, the acceptance of the customer by the intermediary and the management of the customer’s VAT reporting and payments by the intermediary to the tax authorities. Asendia shall not be liable in this regard.

The customer agrees that Asendia be informed of the results of the discussions between the customer and the intermediary (appointment of the intermediary by the customer and acceptance of such mission by the latter or non-appointment of the intermediary by the customer and further of the termination of the relationship with the intermediary whatever the reason. Asendia shall retain this information for a period of twelve (12 months) or for the period of the relationship between the customer and the intermediary if the intermediary is appointed by the customer.