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Shipping and Returns: Leveraging Logistics to Unlock Global Loyalty

What do customers expect from brands in terms of shipping and returns?

What do brands need to understand to be successful?

How can brands develop localised inventory strategies and returns policies that build loyalty and preserve margin?

ESW surveyed more than 18,000 shoppers in 18 countries to find out.

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Unlocking cross-border DTC and generating profitable growth in new markets means – among other things – meeting and exceeding shopper expectations. While creating an exceptional customer experience starts with marketing, storefront and checkout, it does not stop there. A shopper’s post-purchase experience is crucial to building brand loyalty and winning repeat customers.

This report reveals what global shoppers expect so that your brand can make data-driven decisions that ensure international ecommerce success.

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What does this free report include?

Bullet PointShopper research results - What are shoppers doing now and what will they do next?

Bullet PointRetailer research results - How is the market changing and what opportunities do retailers have?
Bullet PointLooking at shipping and returns - what do shoppers expect by market?
Bullet PointResearch summary - Conclusions based on the survey findings
Bullet PointWhat can retailers do to meet shopper needs and how could Asendia help?

Customers who return items may be unhappy. But, if your brand’s returns process is a positive experience, you can actually build loyalty.


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