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Taking your business to new audiences worldwide is simple with e-PAQ – Asendia’s carbon-neutral e-commerce delivery solution - specially designed for online retailers.

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The 2022 e-Commerce Market Handbook puts the knowledge you need to grow your business worldwide in your hands, including how to:

  • Tap into e-commerce trends like social commerce

  • Stay up to date with regional e-commerce trends

  • Get market insights from Asendia's experts

  • Tailor your returns to different regions

  • Offer your audience more conscious consumerism

100% carbon neutral delivery – anywhere in the world

The entire e-PAQ range is 100% carbon neutral, offsetting all emissions of our international transport, as well as emissions from our first-mile and last-mile delivery partners. With e-PAQ you can provide delivery that’s fast, flexible and sustainable, too.


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