Apolooks® eye nutrition provides nutritional supplements especially for the eyes. Asendia makes sure they reach every corner of the world.

About Apolooks®

APO Pharmaceuticals is the Netherlands-based company behind Retinacomplex, the eyecare food supplement that slows down the degeneration process with a unique combination of antioxidants. The e-commerce business was established in 2006, helping people around the world to protect their eyesight.

Apolooks products


Their needs

APO ships worldwide and the company was looking for a fast, reliable and affordable solution. The challenge was to get the product to a huge range of worldwide destinations as quickly as possible, especially to Brazil, where there had been logistical difficulties for the brand. Track and trace was a must; however, they didn’t want to pay the high price of an express courier.


The solution

Ensured that orders were delivered quickly and reliably so that there was no unnecessary break in eye treatment, while reducing the pressure on customer service.

Protected the vital Brazilian consumer base by shipping everything there within reasonable time limits and enabling customers to track shipments via the website of the Brazilian postal organisation 'Correios'.

All products shipped outside the EU are sent on the e-PAQ Plus Mailbox Delivery' service. Within the EU, products are shipped on the e-PAQ Standard service by default with reliable but untracked postal delivery, but customers can choose to upgrade to the e-PAQ Plus service. Being able to offer shoppers this choice is of great benefit to APO Pharmaceuticals.



We ship to all countries worldwide where they want our product. This ranges from Canada and the USA to Brazil, Taiwan and Australia. We also ship within the EU to several countries.



"We sell dietary supplements that must be used on a daily basis. It is therefore important that the order is delivered to the customer as quickly as possible so that the customer can continue to use it. Asendia ensures that this actually happens. As a result, the customer gains confidence in our product and continues to order. In short: Asendia gives us a reliable solution for all destinations, resulting in more satisfied customers and fewer complaints to customer service."


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The service from Asendia is perfect. In fact, it couldn’t be better. I would recommend any company to switch to Asendia – you will certainly not regret it. We switched in summer 2018 and we should have done it years earlier! Since partnering with Asendia, the shipping times have been good, the parcels are arriving quickly and our customers are happy.
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