• Expert support and solutions, ensuring your business mail, goods, publications or marketing materials are delivered safely and reliably across the world
  • International Retail and e-Commerce Solutions
    A complete range of international shipping and delivery solutions for internet retailers and e-commerce businesses across the globe
  • International Business Mail Solutions
    A complete range of cross-border business mail services for the effficient delivery of your letters, invoices, customer communications and other important documents
  • Cross-border Direct Marketing Solutions
    Expert mailing solutions that improve the response and return on investment from your direct marketing campaigns
  • Global Press and Publishing Solutions
    Specialist press and publishing services including the international distribution of your publications and expert subscriber management

Extending your global mail potential

As a global provider of international mail, business mail and shipping services, we offer a complete solution for the business, retail, direct marketing and publishing sectors.

Combining the experience and expertise of our parent companies, La Poste and Swiss Post, Asendia has the international reach and local knowledge to support your cross-border business mail, campaigns and delivery needs.

We work in partnership with you to ensure that 'the World is your Address'. 


87% of customers are satisfied with Asendia’s services


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