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Latest Press Releases

20 March, 2023
Asendia Launches e-PAQ Select for Oceania E-commerce Market

Asendia’s new, economically optimised and faster delivery service provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative for e-commerce…

17 February, 2023
Asendia and Omniva: committed to develop e-commerce worldwide

Asendia and Omniva, the Estonian National Postal Operator, have signed a strategic partnership that will help e-tailers expand their sales…

8 February, 2023
Asendia and Omniva sign a Strategic Partnership

Press Release :

Asendia, the joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post, and Omniva, the Estonian National Postal Operator, have signed…

6 February, 2023
Asendia expands reach in North Asia with the appointment of Joshua…

Press release: HONG KONG, 6 February 2023                    

Asendia, one of the world’s leading e-commerce logistics providers, today…

18 January, 2023
Asendia Deepens Commitment to Asia-Pacific with Strategic CEO and…

Senthil Kumar joins as CEO of Asendia Singapore/South Asia and Stuart Foster joins as Managing Director of Asian Desk, APAC from January…

14 December, 2022
The gift of a tree

Since our formation in 2012, we’ve kept sustainability at the heart of Asendia.

We realise that as a global logistics provider, we have a…

30 November, 2022
Asendia expands e-commerce offerings to businesses in Australia and…

Online retailers in Oceania can now leverage the company’s expert cross-border e-commerce shipping solutions, along with its regional and…

8 November, 2022
What’s the carbon measurement of an e-commerce parcel?

As the focus on sustainability in the shipping industry grows, it’s increasingly important for e-commerce retailers to utilise…

14 October, 2022
Asendia shortlisted for the “Environmental Achievement of the Year”…

With all of our sustainability efforts, it’s wonderful to be shortlisted in the “Environmental Achievement of the Year” category at the…

28 September, 2022
Asendia's has been shortlisted for the Parcel and Postal Technology…

Now in their 14th year, Parcel and Postal Technology International Awards recognize and reward the latest achievements and developments in

23 August, 2022
Ecommerce on Sustainability 101: Everything you need to know

In April, Asendia’s Chief Business Development Officer, Renaud Marlière offered his take on the RetailX Sustainability Report 2021.


4 August, 2022
Asendia USA announces joint venture with Broad Reach to further…

PHILADELPHIA, PA — July 27, 2022 — Asendia USA is pleased to announce a joint venture with Broad Reach and Dave Mays to further strengthen…


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Asendians in the News

We are excited to lead the way in our industry

14 February 2022 | Post & Parcel

Olivier Linchet, South Asia CEO on helping brands to grasp the West-to-East e-commerce trading opportunity

21 January 2022 | Olivier Linchet, CEO of South Asia | Intelligent

Asendia USA: creating new opportunities for retailers wanting to break into Europe

6 January 2022 | Post & Parcel

3 Ways AI Can Improve Cross-Border E-Commerce Shipping

20 December 2021 | Doug Longobardi, VP of Sales Asendia USA | Total Retail

Trends in Air Cargo

Autumn 2021 | Jason Rowland, Director of Compliance Asendia USA | CLDA

Speed Vs. Cost: What's The Right Shipping Proposition When Selling To Europe?

30 November 2021 | Doug Longobardi, VP of Sales Asendia USA | Retail IT insights

Southern Link, developing a global value chain: report launched!

24 November 2021 | Dene Green, MD of Asendia Oceania | New Zealand China Council

A very indie Christmas: “If small retailers aren’t up on last year they’ve missed a trick

22 November 2021 | Marie Barrance, Head of Sales Asendia UK | Retail Gazette

15 Ways to Have a More Environmentally Friendly Thanksgiving 2021

21 November 2021 | Doug Longobardi, VP of Sales Asendia USA | Newsweek

CIO Spotlight

1 November 2021 | Ed Turner, CIO Asendia UK | IDG Connect

What marketplace sellers must do now to prepare for peak

25 October 2021 | Simon Batt, CEO Asendia UK | Tamebay 

Postal Notes: Douglas Longobardi

1 October 2021 | Doug Longobardi, VP of Sales Asendia USA | CEO Magazine

Three trends defining e-commerce success

October 2021 | Hendrik Kummeling, MD of Global Accounts and Solutions | Global Banking & Review

How robotic technology is reshaping e-commerce fulfilment

6 August 2021 | Domenico Pereira, E-commerce Development Expert | i-invest

Three ways AI can improve cross-border E-commerce Shipping 

5 August 2021 | Hendrik Kummeling, MD of Global Accounts and Solutions | Digital Innovation

Supply chain efficiencies are the fastest route to sustainable e-commerce shipping

30 July 2021 | Arnaud Lorant, Head of Key Market development | The European

Will Robots Rule the World?

9 July 2021 | Hendrik Kummeling, MD of Global Accounts and Solutions | Digital Innovation

Flexibele fulfilment met schaalbare offshore warehousing de oplossing voor snelgroeiende e-commerce

9 July 2021 | Hendrik Kummeling, MD of Global Accounts and Solutions | 

How AI can improve cross-border e-commerce shipping?

16 June 2021 | Lionel Berthe, Head of Asia-Pacific | APAC Outlook Magazine 

Balance zwischen Kundenkomfort und Nachhaltigkeit in der E-Commerce-Lieferkette

10 May 2021 Thomas Berger, Chief E-commerce and Marketing Officer Asendia Germany | e-commerce magazine

The Race to Net Zero

27 April 2021 | Doug Longobardi, VP of Sales Asendia USA | North America Outlook

"Kompensation ist ein erster Schritt" (Paywall)

20 April 2021 |Thomas Berger, Chief E-commerce and Marketing Officer Asendia Germany | Deutsche Verkehrszeitung

Deliveries and Returns: Dealing with the Demand

22 February 2021 | Simon Batt, CEO Asendia UK | A1 Retail 

Green Supply Chains must underpin Gulf's E-commerce Growth (Paywall)

12 April 2021 | Renaud Marliere, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Asendia Group | Logistics Middle East

Tipping point: Three Ways the APAC E-commerce Supply Chain Must Evolve in 2021

25 February 2021 | Lionel Berthe, Head of Asia-Pacific | CargoNOW

What will keep cross-border e-commerce on track in 2021? 

22 February 2021 Simon Batt, CEO Asendia UK | Premier Retail

Are you ready for carbon-neutral delivery in 2021?

29 January 2021 | Simon Batt, CEO Asendia UK | Internet Retailing

Asendia: Top 10 supply chain insights and trends

18 December 2020 | Rob DiVincenzo, CEO Asendia USA | Business Chief US 

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