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 Asendia is proud partner of RetailX and we are delighted to have joined their webinars at the ECOMMERCE WORLD REVIEW, discussing the current position of world e-commerce.

You can listen to the full recording of each webinar for free.

Also, do not miss out to download any of the available in-depth E-commerce reports also provided to you for free.


Destination Switzerland

as an e-commerce market

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Asendia's Thomas Haumüller and Swiss Post's Patrick Wolf join RetailX's Jonathan Wright and Pat Reid to give their insight on why Switzerland should be a very appealing market for international e-tailers, and why working with a partner who can manage the entire customs process can hugely benefit e-tailers and provide a competitive advantage.

In this webinar, you'll hear informative insight and the combined expertise of Asendia and Swiss Post.

Meet our guest speakers:

Thomas Haumüller
Senior Product Manager at Asendia

As an experienced product manager and Swiss national, we couldn't recommend anyone better to share knowledge on Switzerland as an e-commerce market. Thomas was heavily involved within Asendia in the changes brought by IOSS and EU VAT rules in 2021. 

Thomas Haumüller


Patrick Wolf
Senior Business Development Manager at Swiss Post

It would be hard to find anyone more passionate about the opportunities Switzerland's e-commerce market offers for e-tailers than Patrick. He is a self-confessed storyteller and has a wealth of experience in helping companies to grow not only into new markets but also to become market leaders. 

Patrick Wolf


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The Global 2022 Ecommerce Report

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The Global 2022 E-commerce report and webinar offer in-depth coverage of different e-commerce regions and countries, ranging from developing nations in Africa to mature markets such as the USA.

Meet our guest speaker:

Pia Elster
Head of Communication & Strategy, Asendia Nordics & Benelux

If anyone knows what's going on around the world for global e-commerce, it's Pia. Not only does she have her finger on the pulse in regard to communications, but she's also making strategic decisions to increase delivery volumes and speed whilst considering sustainability. 



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Sustainability 101:

Everything you need to know

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Watch Asendia's Renaud, Emma Herrod, Editor from RetailX and Anders Frost Nygård, Carrier Manager from BESTSELLER Ecommerce on the current state and future developments of sustainability for European retailers. 

Meet our guest speaker:

Renaud Marlière
Chief Business Development Director from Asendia

Renaud is a driving force behind our sustainable commitment here at Asendia. Over the years, he has been part of the decision process as Asendia has gone from offsetting in Europe, to now offsetting 100% of carbon emissions worldwide, including first-mile collection and last-mile delivery. 


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Beauty & Cosmetics

A sector in discussion

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Meet our guest speaker:


Maria Gomez-Juarez
Head of Business Development and Strategy, Asendia Spain

The beauty sector has been changed by the pandemic and geo-social shifts. Join this webinar to learn about these adaptations, trends and the successes to come.

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UK Health & Beauty e-Book

6 things retailers should be

and need to be doing

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Meet our guest speaker:

Hendrik Kummeling
Managing Director of Global Accounts and Solutions Asendia

In this session, we are considering 6 areas of innovation and development that are sustaining the capabilities of the retail industry.

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European E-commerce Report 2021

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Meet our guest speaker:


Thomas Berger
Chief E-Commerce & Marketing Officer Asendia Germany

Join Thomas for an overview of the European e-commerce landscape. During this discussion, you will get an exclusive view of the European E-commerce 2021!




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