Our Premium Partners 

Asendia works hand-in-hand with postal and parcel operators in over 200 countries and territories.

In some regions, we have Premium Partnerships which provide Asendia's customers with even more benefits.


Asendia has partnered with An Post's Post Parcels - the national parcel operator in Ireland - to provide a feature-rich parcel service to consumers in Ireland. Asendia is your expert for cross-border deliveries from 17 countries worldwide, and An Post is the most experienced and trusted ecommerce parcel delivery company in Ireland. Hand-in-hand we work to provide an excellent customer experience for you and your Irish customers.



Early 2022, Asendia signed with Omniva, the Estonian National Postal Operator, a strategic partnership that will help e-tailers expand their sales into established and emerging markets representing a global market of 294 million potential e-shoppers in 30 countries. 

Thanks to its wide network, logistics capabilities, strong regional relationships, and long-lasting experience in e-commerce, Omniva is connecting Asendia not only to the Baltics, Finland, and Eastern Europe but to Central Asia and the Caucasus region.



Emirates Post - Wikipedia 

Asendia has partnered with Emirates Post Group (EPG), the logistics market enabler of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to cover the complete range of e-PAQ services (Standard, Plus and Select) in the GCC countries and Middle East.  

Thanks to Emirates Post’s extensive network within the UAE and to Dubai playing an essential part in international trade routes between Europe and Asia, Asendia will expand its reach into the additional Gulf Cooperation Council members, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait, and other countries within the region. 

This partnership enables Asendia customers from 17 countries to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the GCC, with E-commerce revenue in the region predicted to rise to €28,53 billion in 2025, with more than €12 billion for the fashion industry.



Poste Maroc - Wikipedia

Groupe Barid Al-Maghrib, also known as Poste Maroc, Morocco’s national postal operator is a strategic Partner of Asendia and enables to offer our customer Morocco’s largest distribution network, which reaches the country’s entire population daily.

Poste Maroc has over 1,800 contact points. Beyond this robust national network, the company also offers connections to a further 35 African countries through its links with Royal Air Maroc. 

Morocco’s e-Commerce revenue is forecasted to reach 3,3 billion USD in 2025 and therefore makes the country an attractive destination for cross-border retailers and marketplaces.

As an historic operator, Poste Maroc is undeniably the partner “par excellence” for Asendia.




 Asendia started partnering with Correios, the National Postal Operator of Brazil, in 2021 to cover the full range of of e-PAQ services in Brazil.

40% of the Brazilian shoppers are considering that long delivery times and import taxes are cross-border barriers, but the services proposed by Correios (e-PAQ Select and e-PAQ Select economy) to shoppers are improving the clearance process (within 6 hours) and their delivery experience. Correios Brazil is the partner of choice for Asendia in a booming market for e-commerce companies, with almost 50% of the total shoppers purchasing cross-border country.




In 2016, Asendia signed a sales partnership with Israel Post for e-commerce parcel solutions to Israel. This partnership will unlock potential for retailers looking to expand their commerce to Israel, a destination with many opportunities. Israel Post is the largest last mile provider in the country and the deal with Asendia not only offers excellent value for money but also ensures parcels injected into their parcel network are expedited.


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