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Watch this series of free webinars sharing latest e-commerce trends

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 Asendia is proud partner of RetailX and we are delighted to have joined their webinars at the ECOMMERCE WORLD REVIEW, discussing the current position of world e-commerce.

You can listen to the full recording of each webinar for free.

Also, do not miss out to download any of the available in-depth E-commerce reports for free.


Webinar 1

Global 2021 Report in Discussion

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Joeri Groenewoud


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Joeri Groenewoud
Business Development Director Asendia Global Accounts

The Global 2021 E-Commerce report and webinar offer in-depth coverage of different e-commerce regions and countries, ranging from developing nations in Africa to mature markets such as the USA.

You can watch the free webinar and download the report below.


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Webinar 2

How are retailers making shopping more sustainable?

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Renaud Marliere-1


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Renaud Marlière
Chief Business Development Director Asendia Group

Join Renaud and RetailX for an all encompassing review of one of the world’s most important issues and the role retailers are playing in making shopping more sustainable.

Webinar 3

Beauty & Cosmetics Sector in Discussion

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Maria Gomez Juares-min(1)


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Maria Gomez-Juarez
Head of Business Development and Strategy, Asendia Spain

The beauty sector has been changed by the pandemic and geo-social shifts. Join this webinar to learn about these adaptations, trends and the successes to come.

You can watch the free webinar and download our e-book below

UK Health & Beauty e-Book

Webinar 4

6 things retailers should be and need to be doing

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Hendrik Kummeling Updated headshot


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Hendrik Kummeling
Managing Director of Global Accounts and Solutions Asendia

In this session, we are considering 6 areas of innovation and development that are sustaining the capabilities of the retail industry.

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Webinar 5

European E-commerce Report 2021

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Thomas Berger
Chief E-Commerce & Marketing Officer Asendia Germany

Join Thomas for an overview of the European e-commerce landscape. During this discussion, you will get an exclusive view of the European E-commerce 2021!

You can watch the free webinar below and download the report for free.

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