The Ultimate Solution for e-commerce shipping to Brazil

International expertise meets local knowledge

If you’re shipping e-commerce parcels to Brazil then e-PAQ is the perfect delivery solution for you.
Through our partnership with national postal operator, Correios, we have access to Brazil’s most comprehensive local network, enabling us to deliver to every region of South America’s largest country with a service that’s reliable, cost effective and prompt.


As experts in global delivery logistics, we offer an enhanced customs process as well as a range of options at checkout that will boost conversions and consumer satisfaction. e-PAQ is easy to use and gives both you and your customers total control over price, speed and tracking for a delivery experience that will exceed expectations.

e-PAQ services available to Brazil

Online retailers can ship to Brazil with our full range of e-PAQ parcel delivery solutions:
This includes our most cost-effective postal solution with no tracking, most suitable for low value goods, and feature-rich services with full tracking and faster delivery where this is a must-have.




The optimal way to send e-commerce parcels to Brazil and our most popular service

e-PAQ Select offers a high-quality delivery service based on fast and fully-tracked solutions. For e-commerce parcels to Brazil, this includes low to mid-value goods of up to 30kg, with simple preparation via Asendia tools. Tracking and notifications are offered on all events made available to us, from the moment an item enters the Asendia network, through to delivery to the customer.


Combining our international expertise with our partners’ local knowledge, e-PAQ select is the ultimate e-commerce delivery solution for items shipped to Brazil.


e-PAQ_rgb_Select  Brazil: Service at a glance

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Overcome the challenges of delivering to customers in Brazil

Brazil is an advanced emerging economy with the ninth largest GDP in the world. But due to vast geographical distances, political leanings and relative inequality, Brazil is a complex nation with many idiosyncrasies

The biggest challenges in e-commerce shipping to Brazil are best navigated with the right mix of international expertise and local knowledge. Here are just a few examples:

Slow and costly deliveries:

Over 40% of Brazilian shoppers find long delivery times a barrier to cross-border shopping. Until now, a lack of connection between local operators and postal and parcel providers abroad has resulted in an overreliance on costly express courier services. e-PAQ provides shoppers with a range of delivery services and transit times, including options that meet the need for prompt delivery but at an affordable price.

Delays and lost parcels due to a fragmented service:

The logistical challenges arising in such a huge country with such a complex infrastructure can result in delays and lost parcels. Working with Asendia, you and your customers can enjoy peace of mind that the entire delivery journey is connected and easily traced.

Import taxes and issues at customs:

Heavy taxation and complications at customs can act as a deterrent for cross-border shoppers. However, with comprehensive, up-to-date information and advice, we make the process simple.


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