Russia B2C E-Commerce Report 2019

We are offering this free light report in partnership with the Ecommerce Foundation. It reviews the current e-commerce landscape in Russia. 


Why should you read our 'Russia B2C E-Commerce Report'?

E-commerce turnover was expected to reach almost €18.5 billion in 2019.

This exclusive report by Ecommerce Foundation explores the B2C e-commerce market of Russia, including the consumer behaviours and trends in this country.


Contents of this e-book
  • Current overview, statistics & GDP
  • The infrastructure & logistics index
  • E-Commerce landscape in Russia
  • Expert opinion & advice 

This is a free light version of a larger report. You can purchase the full report from the Ecommerce Foundation


Who is the Ecommerce Foundation?

The Ecommerce Foundation is an independent organisation, initiated by national e-commerce associations worldwide and omni-channel online companies from the retail, travel, and finance industries. Its mission is to facilitate e-commerce through the development of practical knowledge and market insights.

They offer several services such as the EcommerceWiki, National Ecommerce Reports, Safe.Shop and Scamadviser in order to foster global digital trade.

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