Comoros – Opening of borders and resumption of operations

16 September, 2020


The Société Nationale des Postes et Services Financiers (SNPSF), wishes to ‎inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that commercial flights to the Comoros officially resumed as from 7 September 2020.  Flights are now ‎being operated by Kenya Airways, Air Tanzania, Ethiopian Airlines and Air Madagascar.

Consequently, the SNPSF is again able to accept all categories of outbound postal items (letter post, ‎parcel post and EMS) to all destinations, and it asks designated operators that have direct exchanges ‎with the Comoros to take all necessary steps to receive and process its dispatches from 15 September ‎‎2020 onwards, in accordance with the  partnership agreements in place. ‎

Moreover, the SNPSF is continuing to accept incoming items in all categories and is able to deliver them ‎without any restrictions.‎The SNPSF thanks all Union member countries and their designated operators for their understanding ‎and cooperation.