Indonesia – Customs regulation changes

05 August, 2021


Pos Indonesia wishes to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators of the changes to national customs regulations effective 1 August 2021.

In compliance with Regulation Number 11/2020, all outbound shipments from Indonesia have to specify the Indonesian resident's tax ID number (known as the "NPWP").

For inbound postal items, the related declaration forms (CN 23 EMS, CN 22, CN 23 and CP 72) are to be completed with the corresponding tax ID (NPWP) of the Indonesian resident, where available. For corporate addressees, tax ID information is required. For private addresses, if the tax ID number is not available, there are some alternatives:

  • National identity number (NIK);
  • Passport number (for foreigners); or
  • Other identification number, e.g. driver's licence number.

Failure to comply with this regulation may result in inbound processing delays, as items will be held until the required identification numbers have been provided.

Furthermore, in accordance with the new regulation, all inbound postal items containing goods will be submitted to Customs. Therefore, it is very important that designated operators take all necessary steps to ensure that the CN 23 EMS, CN 22, CN 23 and CP 72 customs declaration forms for all postal items containing goods (letter mail, parcels and EMS) are duly completed in accordance with article 20-001 of the UPU Convention Regulations. Incomplete, incorrectly completed, or missing customs declarations may cause delays in delivery.

Pos Indonesia thanks all designated operators for their cooperation and support.