Israel – Update on situation

02 April, 2024


Israel Postal Company (Israel Post) wishes to provide other Union member countries and their designated operators with an update on its force majeure case.

Even though the country is still in a state of war, operations at Israel Post are almost back to normal in most parts of the country, meaning that the nationwide force majeure case has been closed with effect from 1 April 2024.

However, Israel Post is still not delivering mail to certain areas in the north and in the south that remain affected by the conflict, and whose populations have been displaced to alternative locations. Around 76,000 people are still living in alternative dwellings. Wherever possible, Israel Post forwards the mail to addresses' alternative location. For most localities, the entire population has been relocated to a single new location, and Israel Post forwards the mail to addressees at their alternative location, but delays are expected in mail distribution. However, there are three localities whose inhabitants have been relocated to a range of different places. In these cases, mail is forwarded only to those addressees who have individually notified Israel Post of their new address.

A list of the localities impacted, with their respective postcodes, is attached. In each case, the table indicates whether the mail is transferred collectively to the new location or not.

Israel Post thanks all Union member countries and their designated operators for their understanding.