Jamaica – Outbound mail to the United Kingdom and Canada

28 July, 2020


Further to EmIS 468/2020, the designated operator of Jamaica, Jamaica Post, wishes to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that regular flights have been restored between Kingston, Jamaica, the United Kingdom and Canada.  Consequently, Jamaica Post has resumed outbound dispatches directly to the United Kingdom as from 21 July 2020 and to Canada as from 28 July 2020.

All outbound mail to the UK and Canada must, however, be for final delivery in those countries and not for transit. Transit services cannot be offered at this time owing to irregular flight arrangements resulting from COVID-19 restrictions/adjustments.

Jamaica Post thanks all Union member countries and their designated operators for their understanding. It will inform them via EmIS once the situation has returned to normal.

Yours faithfully,

Abdel Ilah Bousseta

Director of Postal Operations