Japan – Heavy rains and massive flooding

11 July, 2020


Japan Post, asks us to inform the designated operators of UPU member countries that the country is experiencing heavy rains and massive flooding. The postal network has been severely affected and some post offices have been closed. Some roads are also inaccessible to traffic, which is delaying the delivery of mail and parcels.

The affected areas are in the following postcode ranges (as of 10 July 2020): Nagano: 3800000–3999999 Gifu: 5000000–5099999 Shizuoka: 4100000–4399999 Aichi: 4400000–4989999 Nara: 6300000–6399999 Kyoto: 6000000–6299999 Osaka: 53000000–5999999 Hyogo: 6500000–6799999 Wakayama: 6400000–6499999 Ehime: 7900000–7999999 Yamaguchi: 7400000–7599999 Fukuoka: 8000000–8399999, 8710000–8710999 Saga: 8400000–8499999 Kumamoto: 8600000–8699999 Oita: 8700000–8799999 Nagasaki: 8500000–8599999, 8115000–8115999, 8170000–8179999 Kagoshima: 8900000–8999999 Japan Post is making every effort to maintain the universal postal service and continue providing all international postal services, including EMS and parcels, and apologizes in advance for the unavoidable delays. It will keep designated operators informed of the situation and thanks them for their understanding and cooperation.