Mauritius – Lockdown

10 March, 2021


Mauritius Post wishes to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that, in order to fight against the resurgence of COVID-19, in what the authorities suspect could be a second wave, the Government of Mauritius has announced a new national lockdown from 10 to 25 March 2021.

Under the lockdown, only essential services will remain open (e.g. police, health services, seaport and airport limited to cargo flights). Movements are currently authorized only for specific reasons, such as medical visits and buying food, medicine and other basic necessities, and are subject to strict conditions.

All post offices will remain closed until further notice. The processing and delivery of all types of inbound and outbound mail (letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items) will continue to be affected, and Mauritius Post is unable to guarantee compliance with the agreed standards. Therefore, the force majeure situation previously declared will remain in place until further notice.

Mauritius Post wishes to thank all Union member countries and their designated operators for their understanding. It will send updated information via EmIS once the situation has returned to normal.