Mongolia – New measures to limit the spread of COVID-19

23 December, 2020


Mongol Post, asks us to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that, owing to the increasing number of COVID-19 infections, the government has introduced further lockdown measures from 23 December 2020 to 6 January 2021.

The Altanbulag northern border crossing is closed for two months from 16 November 2020 to 15 January 2021. This closure affects road transportation from and to Mongolia.

Ulaanbaatar city is fully locked down, with movements in and out of the city restricted. However, as a key service, Mongol Post is able to continue its activities.

International air traffic is limited to charter and cargo flights only, with operations mainly confined to a few flights from Ulaanbaatar to Seoul.

Mongol Post is accepting all types of mail to a reduced number of destinations, including Japan, Korea (Rep.) and the United States of America, and EMS items for Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong (China), the Netherlands, the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom through Seoul in open transit.

It is also able to accept and deliver all types of inbound mail received via Seoul, but there may be some delays due to sanitization processes at the exchange office.

Mongol Post thanks all Union member countries and their designated operators for their cooperation. It will provide further updates via EmIS.