Palestine – Disruption of postal operations

14 May, 2021


Palestine, as an observer of the ‎UPU's work with the right to directly exchange postal services with Union member ‎countries, has asked the International Bureau to inform Union member countries ‎and their designated operators‎ that owing to the current events in the Gaza Strip, postal operations will be subject to interruptions and delays until calm returns to the region.

Accordingly, Palestine indicates that, for the following addresses and postal codes, it will be difficult to provide postal services until further notice:

Gaza: P840–P899

Khan Younes: P930–P969

Rafah: P970–P999

North Gaza: P800–P839

Consequently, Palestine asks Union member countries and their designated operators to take into account the emergency conditions in the Gaza Strip until further notice.

Palestine thanks all Union member countries and their designated operators for their understanding.