Peru – Partial resumption of postal servicers

06 July, 2020


The designated operator of Peru, Servicios Postales del Peru S.A. (SERPOST), asks us to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that, through supreme decree No. 116-2020-PCM, the Peruvian government has extended the national state of emergency until 31 July 2020, until which time the borders of Peru will remain closed and all international transport by road, air, sea and river will be suspended, with the exception of transport for humanitarian purposes.

However, the Peruvian government is also in the process of authorizing the gradual reintroduction of various economic activities and recently considered the postal service. SERPOST can now announce that it will be resuming its operations, albeit in a limited fashion, from 1 July 2020.

In this initial stage, the postal services on offer will be limited. Outbound mail (letter post, parcel post and EMS) will be resumed gradually depending on flight availability and cargo capacity. All postal items will continue to be delivered in line with the guidelines set out by the Peruvian health authorities, but only in the capital, the Lima metropolitan, as transport to the rest of the country is no longer available. This could cause delivery delays for both inbound and outbound mail.

Letter post, parcel post and registered EMS will be delivered, and with appropriate social distancing measures where a signature is necessary.

Although SERPOST has been authorized to resume its operations, it must be made clear that the situation of force majeure brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing reality in Peru. For this reason, SERPOST will be resuming its operations gradually and will keep other Union member countries updated via EmIS.

SERPOST thanks all Union member countries and their designated operators for their understanding and continued support.