Philippines – Update on measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19

11 August, 2020


PHLPost asks us to update other Union member countries and their designated operators on postal operations in the context of ongoing stringent social distancing measures aimed at curtailing and eliminating the COVID-19 threat throughout the country.

The Philippine Government has extended the community quarantine in the following areas:

  1. The provinces of Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Metro Manila and Rizal on Luzon island have reverted to modified community quarantine from 4 to 18 August 2020;
  2. The province of Batangas on Luzon island, Cebu City, Lapu-lapu City and Mandaue City on Visayas island, and Zamboanga City on Mindanao island have been placed under general community quarantine until 15 August 2020; and,
  3. The rest of Luzon island and Visayas and Mindanao islands have been placed under modified general community quarantine until 15 August 2020.

PHLPost is continuing to transition to the "new normal" in line with government advice and plans.

All post offices remain open, while observing strict social distancing measures. Post offices in areas under modified enhanced community quarantine are conducting limited operations, with only domestic postal items being accepted, and deliveries limited to postal items containing vital communications, medicines and medical supplies, pension and loan cheques and perishable articles, along with express items. Other post offices are fully operational and can now accept and deliver domestic and international postal items.

The international mail processing centres are still operating with a skeleton workforce, but are already processing and forwarding inbound international dispatches to domestic destinations. Delays may still be expected as transport of postal items is over land within the islands, with a combination of land and sea conveyance used between islands.

Sea transport of outbound international dispatches is now back to normal, but outbound dispatches by air are subject to the availability of flights to destination countries.

Designated operators may request the processing and delivery of postal items containing vital communications, medicines, medical supplies, perishable items, pension and loan cheques, etc. The use of e-mail to communicate such requests as well as customer service concerns is encouraged, as PHLPost customer service personnel are still working from home. The Global Customer Service system for Post-to-Post customer service remains operational.

Communications relating to international postal accounts and/or settlement, with scanned copies of relevant documents where available, should be sent to,, and Please note that original, signed paper copies of statements or bills are required for acceptance and settlement of international postal accounts. Delays are to be expected, as the staff of the Service Regulations Department are operating partly from home.

Communications relating to international affairs and relations, as well as general inquiries about PHLPost and postal services in the Philippines, can be sent to ,, and

PHLPost thanks all Union member countries and their designated operators for their understanding.